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farewell. for now

I Lost My Fear

And then I realized

that to be

more alive

I had to

be less



I did it…

I lost my


and gained

my whole life.

Rudy Francisco

I did it.

I lost my fear.

Fear has been my foe; yet now I embrace her as my friend. She keeps me safe as the world turns on its axis of humanity and inhumanity. She alerts me to danger.

Yet she no longer controls me.

Instead, we walk hand in hand into the unknown; ready for our next adventure.

I have spent hours doing intense therapeutic healing work. I have languished my soul to the pages of my journal. I have found my inner energy. I have aligned myself with my soul. I have slain the dragons.

And as Bilbo Baggins once said: “All that glitters is not gold. Not all those who wander are lost”.

I am taking a leap of faith. I am changing my story. The dark chapter is closing. A new one is beginning.

I am moving.



If the future unfolds.)


As I know now, you cannot plan the future; she’s a tricky minx.

But you can aim your footsteps and allow the path to unfurl before you.

My path is leading me away.

A whole ocean away;

to the land that healed me when grief was its greatest.

I find asking for help a task that my traumatized soul loathes. In therapy, I have realized the burden of my lone-wolf survival tactics. I would rather shoulder the entire burden than ever mention that support could help me. However, here goes:

If you so choose, I will be writing a monthly newsletter to anyone interested in my trip/move/time in Ireland.

It’ll be written to keep anyone who wishes, updated of my new adventures across the world. If you would like to receive this newsletter, or simply wish to give a small blessing, I am attaching my Venmo name below. These funds will be used to finish off medical bills here in the USA and to help me find my feet in the first couple of months in Ireland.

I recognize that the need of this world and of others are much greater than mine so PLEASE only give if your heart feels led. Additionally, I aim to donate 10% of any blessings given to others.

It’s like a tithing but definitely not going to the church this time (most of them have way too much money).

So farewell friends. I shall write when I feel called, but for now,

“I am leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.”

Healing is not linear. Neither is our journey.

Here is to next steps.

Here is to the calling.

Here is to you.

Here is to me.

Here is to all of us, living within the in-between.

If you feel led at all:

Venmo: Kasey-Manche

Google Pay:

Blessings friends. Until next time.

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