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the table

This life I have been given.

It is just me right here.

Me, this body, this night,

and Fear.


I am scared to give in to the night

though it is there my dreams may find dawn's light.

But the night holds darkness and

the darkness holds fear.

And fear is someone I've come to know quite dear.

But where does fear come from?

Does it come from within?

Because within our own selves

We are Universe and Eternity


Where did this thing called Fear come from

that is all-consuming grief.

It is all-consuming darkness.

It is all-consuming belief.

He takes who you once were

and makes way for shadows to win.

Fear beguiles your mind

until you doubt your soul from within.

How do we not give into the fear of this world

that is created to be

a monopoly of fear

crushing down upon we.

How do I say

No. Not this time.

Not this life.

Not this day.

Because this life I Awoke

and this life I am ready to say.

That I am done with the nonsense.

I break free from this fable.

I am finished giving and serving

for the mere scraps at Fear's table.

When my table is bigger

and my table is fuller

and my table is welcome to any-

who know we are all.

A sanctuary for us to rise after the fall.

So let me open my table

to the world around.

My doors are open

come let me hear your sound.

Let me hear your life.

Let me hear your woes and joys.

I want to be human with others

instead of being caught in the noise.

What is this world we've created?

And how do I look up and say

I am Awakened.

I am ready to create a better world for me.

I am ready to create a better world for we.

I want to be a part of a world that

believes in the hope of change.

I want to be a part of a world that knows

it is not the amount of money to your name.

It is the energy of your soul

that came here to create

so that you may leave this world

a more beautiful place.

How do I escape?

I step one foot out and Fear comes alive.


I am beginning to learn

that darkness only has the right

to be a shadow of the light.

But why do I get caught in the shadows?

And why do I stay down in fright?

My life is not static noise.

It is not an old played movie

that you put on in the background.

My life is a firework display

of light and sound.

It is madness.

It is chaos.

It is control


Because I as me?

I am absolved

from the rules of Fear's world

and the darkness at play.

I do not answer to Fear's whispers

nor do I answer to his games.

I have been forged by darkness

and I know when something comes from fright.

But I also know when someone is a light

emerging at dawn to break a new day.

When you wake up and see me

you will know I am not away.

You will know that I am still here

and that I am not scared.

I am here only for a moment

and I feel ill-prepared

to walk across this world

released from the bondage of shame.

Knowing Fear has no power

nor will I bow to his game.

He knows I will never stop.

And Fear now trembles at my name.


This power within me?

I know not how to tell you

what it is to be undone.

But you will know it when you know it

and you will see me there when all is done

waiting on a bridge with a sandwich

at a small wooden table with others who are famished.

Fear has no place here

at our Table of light.

So sit down and eat with me.

For dawn has broken through our night.

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